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NXo1 Spec Contacts

The smart dashboard camera for off-road cars

Akenori NX01 is your discreet, reliable travel companion. Day and night, this state-of-the-art dashboard camera will tirelessly record Full HD quality video and independent journey metrics, to ensure you always have trustworthy evidence on-hand should an incident occur.


Discreet Mounting

The Akenori NX01’s sleek black design tucks neatly behind your rear view mirror, and blends in with your car’s interior. No driver distractions, just a clear view of the road.

Wireless Control for android and ios

Easily control your dashboard camera from your IOS or Android device, with our intuitive smartphone app. No complex configurations, just easy wireless management on-the-move.

Sony-Powered Full HD Video

Enjoy full HD video quality, powered by Sony’s unique state-of-the-art Exmor™ imaging hardware. No grainy mess, just clean, crisp HD-quality video.

Anti-Glare Engineering

Our patented “dark room” technology prevents light from inside your car from affecting the video quality. No internal glare, just a clear picture of what’s outside.

Enhanced Night Vision

Akenori NX01 contains a triple-core CPU processor complete with special “night vision” software to deliver enhanced video quality, even at night.

Emergency Save

Push the button, and immediately save your most recent footage and journey metrics into a protected folder.

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“Dark Room” Technology

Have you ever tried to see something outside your kitchen window at night when the light’s turned on? It isn’t easy – and the same applies dashboard cameras. Internal lighting can affect video quality, especially at night. That’s why we built the Akenori NX01 camera with our patented “dark room” technology, which blocks out internal glare and focuses on what’s outside. You won’t find this technology in any other dashboard camera on the market.

Rattle-Free Mounting

Our sturdy adhesive-based mounting method ensures your dashboard camera doesn’t rattle around (or land in your lap). Forget about unreliable suction cups, and enjoy sturdy, rattle-free mounting.

Sony Exmor™ Image Sensors

How do we achieve crystal clear video quality when your device is constantly bumping around the roads? With state-of-the-art Sony Exmor™ imaging technology, that’s how! Top-spec digital sensors reduce visual “fuzz”, and ensure a steady, HD-quality video recording every time.

Enhanced Night Vision

The Akenori NX01 camera uses enhanced night vision software to ensure the recording of evidence is just as reliable at night – a time when you need to be extra vigilant to stay safe. Don’t let low light levels affect your confidence on the road.

Journey Statistics

The Akenori NX01 dashboard camera uses GPS and 3G sensors to record important independent metrics about your journey, from speed and acceleration, to the route you’re taking and your position on the road. This evidence could be the difference between winning or losing an insurance claim.

Speed Camera Alerts

Our handy Speed Camera Voice Alerts will let you know the locations of any nearby speed cameras, helping you take extra care on the road where it’s needed the most. Speed camera locations are updated often, but please note that this feature is unavailable in selected regions where scanning for speed cameras is against the law.

Emergency Save

Whether it's a road accident, a beautiful sunset, or even a hilarious billboard, there are lots of reasons why you might want to capture a snapshot of your journey. The Emergency Save button lets you do this without even touching your smartphone - simply push the button, and the Akenori NX01 will save your most recent footage and journey metrics into a protected folder, locking it from being rewritten in the event that your SD card fills up.

Wireless Control for android and ios

Manage your Smart Dashboard Camera with the Akenori App


User friendly, intuitive menu allows to tailor camera operations according to your needs and preferences.


Frequent updates from our dedicated development team ensure your Akenori app always has the very latest features, and the most up-to-date speed camera information.

Online Video Sharing

You can use the Akenori app to download your videos and journey details, and then share the information right from your car, helping you respond quickly should an incident occur.

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User-Friendly Interface

Your Akenori app is very easy to use, and lets you manage everything to do with your dashboard camera. You can customise settings, review your videos and view your stats.

Akenori NX01 sales will start on February, 1st, 2017.

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